2021 Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series Completes Sprint Car Bandits Series Mission

Garland, TX (11/10/20) by DarinShort.com. Five years ago the Sprint Car Bandits® series sought out to provide area sprint car racing teams with a
more sustainable form of racing – yet while utilizing the same exact cars they were already competing with, just with a few simple, yet critical rules edits.

And now after five full seasons of racing, the series has collected enough data points from its simple, yet effective, rules package that it can fulfill its
primary mission to provide sprint car racing teams, of various budget and engine types, a series where they can go compete in on the same track on
the same night.

But in 2021 it will be without the label of being a “360C.I. maximum engine size” series. In 2021 the Sprint Car Bandits series will become known the
Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series.

To view the new series branding, click www.2021BOSS.com , which will also become the online info hub during the off-season for the Bandits Outlaw
Sprint Series. Each event will pay a minimum of $2,000 to win and $300 to start.

Racetracks that have already teamed us with us in the past know that we, as a series, co-promote each event with the track by providing complete
event marketing packages including press releases, event flyers and a string of updates leading up to and including race day. And this next phase
in series evolution will simply keep moving the needle further in the same direction.

Fans will continue to see exciting and unpredictable racing with lots of passing – which is the cornerstone of our series existence.

All area sprint car teams will still be paired with the exact same set of Sprint Car Bandits series rules that they’ve ran with in the past, except now we’re
moving on without cubic inch limits on the engines.

This has been the ultimate goal of the series since its inception, that we felt our rules package would make cars with all types of engine sizes be
competitive – because we restrict the top wing angle to a maximum of 20°, don’t allow hydraulic wing sliders or tire bleeders, cars must weigh 1,500#
after the feature with the driver, and teams must run the same pair of rear Hoosier tires all night long…with a 92 casing on the left rear tire, which
helps free up the car.

To further elaborate on the ‘cubic inch’ discussion, we, as a series, have never cared about what size or configuration a sprint car driver chose, as we
knew our simple rules with the wings and the tires would force enhanced competition to where it put more control in the fine tuning of the chassis and
the skill of the driver racing the car.

And it’s worked.

And it’s worked to the point that anyone who has raced with us the past two seasons know that we haven’t even had the need to take a hood off of a
sprint car one time in post-race tech inspection.

Paired with our 1,500# weight rule, that’s not going to change for 2021, or any of the other signature ‘Bandits rules, going forward if drivers choose to
use the widely available LS package that exceeds 360C.I. that is an aluminum block – or any other type of aluminum block –
they will still have to make weight to be able to use that engine configuration in the Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series. (Added weight must be placed in front
of engine midplate, details forthcoming.)

More news, scheduling and Series information will provided during the off season at www.2021BOSS.com.

Race tracks within an approximate 150 mile radius of Dallas-Forth Worth Texas that are interested in booking the Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series can
contact Darin at dssm93@msn.com for more information and available 2021 dates at your earliest convenience. If your business would like to be
involved with our series email SprintCarBandits@Outlook.com - as we have several affordable and
effective marketing packages available for the 2021 racing season - which will be here before you know it!

A number of events are already secured with our ‘series alliance tracks’ that formed this past season when the ‘Bandits teamed up with the RaceSaver
IMCA Texas Sprint Series to make sure our collective schedules interlock – and didn’t overlap – which allowed race teams and fans both the
opportunity of catching all the action of the 2020 season without missing an event. That collective plan remains in place for 2021 as well.

A lot has changed over the course of the past 19 years in this country, essentially since 9/11/2001. But through all of that change, one thing generally
remained unchanged: the world changed but the packaging of sprint car racing failed to, and in the past five years we’ve tried to do our part to help
adjust the rules and curb consumables expense to the teams, which in effect results in them having more racing budget to work with…thus creating a
more sustainable form of sprint car racing to help offset the climbing overhead of racing in the landscape where most racetracks cannot offset the
increased overhead to host quality sprint car racing events.

And we’re proud to have done our part to offer at least something to the sprint car racing community to make it more sustainable while the world
continues to change, and we vow to stay on the same path in that same manner with the evolution of the series now becoming the Bandits Outlaw
Sprint Series.
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