THANK YOU to all the race teams and fans for their support of the exciting Sprint Car Bandits Series Championship at LoneStar Speedway.

A four-part video segment of the entire Sprint Car Bandits 25-lap feature race is now going up, beginning at:


Complete Sprint Car Bandits feature race results:

2 - Mickey Walker (OK)
02 - Brandon Long (Wichita Falls)
4 - Austin Mundie (started 21st!)
12 - Dale Wester
76 - Zane Lawrence
58 - Gary Floyd (started 14th)
64j - Johnny Miller
74e - Claud Estes
79v - Ryan Hall
23 - Junior Jenkins (started 15th)
24 - Brandie Jass (Bryan, TX)
28 - Jacob Harris
14 - Michael Lang (blew after going from 22nd to 4th)
3 - Raven Culp (broke late in event after running top 4)
17 - Bruce Griffith
5c - Colton Goodwin
6 - Dustin Gates (broke after running up front early on)
50 - Chris Ibarra
48 - Nathan Moore
79 - Charlie McDonald (was really sailing on the high side, then crashed hard...driver reported to be uninjured.)
02T - Tony Russell
5 - Channin Tankersley (Channin would break prior to the start of the feature, we were really looking forward to him racing in the feature)
11j - Joey Starnes (Well, Lang's had borrowed him their backup 360 engine and Joey would qualify 8th in the feature, but series point leader Lang would
break an engine in his heat, so Lang needed his engine back forcing Joey to DNS)
Porter, Texas